Scrum Master

In the waterfall technique, an idea is conceived, then analyzed, then designed, then built, then tested, and finally released. Each step is completed before work flows to the next step. If the waterfall is a step ladder, agile is a circle. It allows us to treat each unique project as its own story, one that we can craft and edit with our clients in a collaborative, real-time process.

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Power BI vs Tableau vs Qliksense

Data is one asset, which is growing in complexity and size day by day and it needs to be transformed to make sense. Certain BI tools come into consideration when an organization needs to fulfill its needs. Here, we’ll compare Power Bi, Tableau, and Qlik Sense to see which one best suits the requirements. Though

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Automation testing

Automation testing – what and why? Before we talk about Automation Testing, let’s first understand the term – “automation”. Automation is a process using which we can automate a manual process with the use of technology. The aim is to eliminate or reduce human/manual efforts as much as possible. Now let’s see, Automation Testing. It

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Data Analytics With Azure

Undoubtedly, Azure has put an impact on the Cloud space with its trustworthy services and enterprise support. Competing with giants like AWS and Google Cloud is not easy but updating its existing services to Cloud helped Azure in acquiring significant market share. Terms like SQL Server, SSMS, SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS were already popular among

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