Data Analytics With Azure

Undoubtedly, Azure has put an impact on the Cloud space with its trustworthy services and enterprise support. Competing with giants like AWS and Google Cloud is not easy but updating its existing services to Cloud helped Azure in acquiring significant market share.

Terms like SQL Server, SSMS, SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS were already popular among IT professionals and their transition to Azure Data Factory, Azure Analysis Services, Azure Synapse, Azure SQL, and Power BI has given an added advantage to the experienced professionals because they did not have to learn anything from scratch. With a proven track record of handling large data, performing complex calculations, implementing successful ETLs/ELTs, and conveying the outputs with effective visualizations has been widely accepted and praised by the clients.

With the ability to handle static as well as real-time data, Azure has become a favorite of all those who were already using Microsoft’s enterprise products like Windows, Office, and Teams. Considering the fact that most laptops and desktops do not have any other stable choice than Windows, Microsoft has an upper hand in enterprise-level work. With additional security features like row-level security and Azure Active Directory, we can rely on Azure for our business decisions!

Raghvendra Pratap Singh

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