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Being a knowledge-sharing and upskilling platform, we have more on our bucket list to upskill your skills in your respective field.


You will comprehend the basic concepts and procedures of software testing after finishing our testing course. Using an automated testing platform, you will have actively developed test cases. You’ll start creating and identifying effective test cases, complete with input information and anticipated results. This training is largely geared toward Software Developers, Test Engineers, Software Programmers, Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Software Engineers in Test, and Computer Enthusiasts.

Data Analytics

Data analytics covers large dataset management and analysis techniques. Studying data mining, big data applications, and data product creation will help you launch a career as a data scientist. You will learn the basics of data analysis, such as data gathering and data mining, as well as the data ecosystem. You will also learn the soft skills needed to effectively convey your data to stakeholders, along with how mastering these abilities can enable you to make decisions based on data.

Scrum Master

It is an activity-based interactive course that teaches students about professional scrum and the responsibilities of a scrum master. Students gain a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of scrum and the agile mindset while studying the techniques used by effective scrum teams through a combination of discussion and exercises. They learn the skills necessary to select and use the practices and procedures that will be most advantageous for their scrum teams.

Business & Sales

Learn the art of boosting business revenue with the help of incredible marketing and business development tactics. You will learn the basics of international business development in this course, including how to analyze market and define smart objectives to boost sales. Additionally, you will learn how to create, monitor, and build a strong and long-term business relationships. Become a successful salesperson by learning what it takes to attract customers and close sales. Master persuasion, lead generation, sales calls, Follow-ups and Negotiations.


In this course, you will learn all attributes of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), including link building, keyword research, and website optimization to name a few. Supplementary to learning the theory behind Google search and other search engine algorithms, you’ll develop useful, real-world skills that you can use to pursue a career in digital marketing or Performance Marketing, such as on-page and off-page optimization, Understanding trends for both domestic and foreign markets, conducting website audits, and integrating SEO with overarching business strategies.

WordPress Design

This course teaches both basic and expert levels of each to design and construct a WordPress website, The front and backends of a WordPress website will also be covered, along with tips for building and managing a WordPress website and instructions for installing WordPress plugins and themes. You will also learn the principles of visual design, content, modifications, and typography in this course. Master the art of WordPress to build your own project from scratch or Sell your service across the Globe. Be the part of business transformation in this digital world.

Business Management

Learn effective methods for managing people, Finances, and information while gaining self-confidence and understanding of your unique management style. This course enables you to develop a broad understanding of various business organizations and provides you with specific knowledge in the areas of finance, marketing, operations, information technology, and business strategy. Here you’ll develop a range of business management skills relevant to your life, Profession and it will allow you to develop a broad understanding of Consumer Behavior.

Lead Generation

Learn how lead generation can enhance your business productivity and take action to leverage the benefits of a lead generation plan. This online lead generation training course aims to teach you how professionals generate leads for local, b2b, and b2c businesses. You will learn about research techniques, enticing advertising and promotions, creating effective landing pages, themes and templates, funnel creation, lead nurturing techniques, plugins and extensions, and various ways for making your website a self-sufficient lead generator machine.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing course guides you through result-oriented marketing techniques for producing powerful adverts. During the course, you will learn to develop emails that drive results, optimize your email content, list management strategies, write catchy subject lines, create optimal land pages, automate your emails, and create an email campaign checklist. You will comprehend the subtleties of creating brand awareness, loyalty, and trust through email marketing. Invest in yourself and your career by learning one of the most in-demand skills in digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

You will adore this Compylo course if you desire to succeed with social media marketing! Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn every social media platform is covered by this excellent course. You will learn which social media profiles are best for you or your client and about content management tools that will make publishing/Branding easier. Additionally, this course will show you how to optimize your paid ad campaign across all social media platforms, giving you the flexibility to reach any kind of target demographic!  Regardless of your starting knowledge level, this course will help you to develop a strong foundation for social media marketing and acquire useful skills that will enable you to increase the effectiveness and visibility of your social media marketing activities.

React Native

Start your React Native training on Compylo and take your coding to the next level. The course offers a thorough introduction to the components, properties, and style of React Native.  You’ll get a chance to enhance your knowledge about creating apps using React Native. The course covers both primary and advanced topics, such as building layouts with Flexbox, building forms with Formic, publishing apps to Expo, running and debugging react native apps, communicating with REST APIs, using REACT navigation, logging and monitoring errors, and much more. This course has been expertly designed to guide you through a journey from zero to hero step-by-step. Enroll for this interactive course on React Native and learn why this JavaScript library has taken the web application development world by storm.

Google Ads (PPC)

For everyone who uses Google’s professional tools and solutions, Complyo provides a one-stop training facility. You will learn how to get started with Google Search Ads and design effective campaigns to attract new clients and expand your business in this course. You will learn to drive consistent traffic to your website or landing page, build text ads, bids, and ad ranks, create various ad campaigns, monetize your daily searches, boost traffic, and remarket your existing website. The goal of this Google Ads course is to teach you the fundamentals of Google Ads before moving on to ready-to-use techniques and tactics for actively advertising the goods and services of your brand. Get enrolled in PPC Course and upgrade your skills in order to strive and survive in this ever-changing world of digital marketing.

LinkedIn Marketing

Through this course, you can learn how to leverage LinkedIn platform for your business to make it a brand or how you can create a personal brand. The course walks you through the subtleties of building a strong presence and the many methods of prospecting with the help of practical demonstrations. From creating a LinkedIn presence to advertising via LinkedIn groups and prospecting on LinkedIn, this course will employ and garnish important skills for establishing long-term connections with Business professionals across the globe. This Course will empower you to grow your marketing knowledge.

Facebook Marketing

Become a proficient Facebook marketer who understands how to maximize both paid and free Facebook efforts. By the end of this course, you’ll understand how to write compelling posts, grow a Facebook group, and effectively manage Facebook Account. You will discover what it takes to develop a fantastic paid and organic Facebook marketing campaign and to expand your Facebook audience organically. This course is specifically designed while keeping in mind the marketers who wish to use this popular social network in a powerful and effective way for expanding their businesses.

Social Media Optimization

Individuals can become specialists in all social media sharing channels after receiving this social media optimization training. Through this module, you will learn optimal use of various social media sharing sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, It will also cover how to create effective business pages and optimize them for maximum engagement and exposure. You will also learn about some effective tools and websites that can quickly optimize your social media campaigns. Get understanding of How Social Media Marketing Really Works For Businesses and How Social media platforms should Be Used