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These terms of use (“Terms of Use”) control your use of this website www.compylo.com (“Website”). In these Terms of Use, “Compylo” is referred to as the “Company”, “us”, “our” or “we.” “You” or “you” refers to a user or a paying customer.

The www.compylo.com website (the ‘Website’ or ‘website’), the educational guidance and mentoring services made available through the website and its content (the ‘Products’) are owned, operated and maintained by Compylo. The Site, its Products and related Content can be collectively termed as “the Company Products”.

By (a) accessing or using the Company Products, including, but not limited to downloading, (b) offering a Course through the Website or through any other Software, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms of Use (the “Terms”)

By using this website or its Products and Services, You Agree and confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be Bound by these terms. Company’s privacy policy can be found at Privacy Policy webpage. If you do not accept these terms, you should refrain from using — and are not authorized to use — all or any portion of the company’s website and its products or services (as defined below).

Please read them carefully before you use the services of this site.

  • Few of our services may be free for any user having internet access. However, we cannot be held responsible for any charges related to the internet services provider fee or usage of hardware and software. Also, the user is fully responsible for the proper functioning of computer hardware and internet access. You may be asked to login to meeting software like Zoom, Google Meet etc to attend the classes/sessions and the company holds all the right to block access to our services for any user who does not follow terms of use, privacy policy or terms and conditions. But the tools used for the online classes will depend on Instructors/Mentors. They are free to use Zoom, Google Meet or any other popular tool. In case you have any objection or limitation in your country, please let the instructor know within time so that they can find a work around.
  • You should use our website in lawful manner by respecting the terms and conditions along with following the Privacy Policy. Under no situations or circumstances, will the company be liable for any change in the content provided on the website through its products or services, including but not limited to any errors, loss, omissions, or damage experienced due to the use of any content made available via our products, services, or various resources such as email, blog etc.
  • Company will try its best to provide uninterrupted access to our service to the users, but there is no obligation to do so. We cannot be held responsible for issues in your network or server issues, network issues in the locality of instructors/mentors or the Company.

Website usage guidelines

  • You should refrain from publishing, posting, distributing or disseminating any defamatory, infringing, indecent, offensive or unlawful material or information.
  • You should refrain from using any content violating any regulatory, legal, network operator or Governmental conditions or codes of conduct.
  • You should refrain from copying, distributing, and indulging in plagiarism activities with the content of website or content submitted by the user.
  • You should refrain from hacking the website, attempt to edit or reverse engineer. Company has all the rights to take necessary actions against any such activity.
  • You should refrain from running bot services or programmed scripts which may affect the infrastructure, and in turn, the users.
  • You should refrain from sell services such as digital downloads, eBooks, advertising, or spamming the users with phishing links.
  • You should refrain from insulting, abusing, harassing, stalking, threatening, or otherwise infringing the rights of others as we are against any kind of discrimination based on gender, race, origin, country or any other means. Moreover, we strongly believe in equal opportunities in education.
  • You should refrain from uploading, installing, transferring files protected by Intellectual Property (IP) Laws or software which affect other computers.

Links and Hyperlinks Terms

  • You should refrain from including or using copyrighted or registered trademarks, or Intellectual property (IP) images, design or content as a link to our website.
  • You should refrain from copying, mirror imaging or framing the homepage or any other page of this Website on any other website or webpage.
  • You should refrain from linking pages to content violating any regulatory, legal, network operator, Governmental rules, conditions or codes of conduct.
  • You should refrain from linking our pages/subpages with spam links or anchor text as it may put a wrong impression in front of our users eventually creating unnecessary misunderstanding.
  • You should refrain from linking to the pages supporting gender inequality, adult content, racism, terrorism or any other illegal activity including those violating rights of humans or animals.
  • Our website may have links to other websites which are not controlled by us. So, we cannot be held responsible for the content available on those websites as the purpose of the links included is to convey the information in the best possible way.
  • You should refrain from linking pages to content infringing the intellectual property (IP) rights of any third-party website, company, person or entity.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

  • The entire content of our website is protected by copyright and trademark laws. The owner of the copyrights and trademarks are Compylo, its affiliates, or other third-party licensors. The content, services and products available on or mentioned on the website, including text, graphics, code and/or software is copyrighted and belongs to us. Therefore, you should refrain from modifying, republishing, duplicating, or reproducing in any way.
  • Compylo holds all the rights to disable or prohibit access of the users disrespecting our terms of use, privacy policy, terms and conditions along with the situation of them being involved in the infringement of our intellectual property (IP).
  • Compylo should not be held responsible for the content and services available on the other websites, which you may find while searching or accessing our products or services. You are advised to understand their respective Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  • Since Compylo values and respects intellectual property (IP) rights of others, we expect same from everyone.
  • You should refrain from using any digital photos/images/logos from the website. In case of copyright issues, there has to be a written consent from the owner of the trademark.

Claims of Intellectual Property Violations

Compylo is proactive regarding Intellectual Property (IP) rights. However, in case you believe that your work has been used by us without proper permission infringing your copyright, please feel free to reach out by writing to Help and Support Team by providing them with the information mentioned in following points and we will act on it:

  • A detailed description of the copyrighted work which you believe to be infringing your Intellectual Property (IP) rights.
  • A clear description of the location (webpage, article, material etc.) and the way (how?) our work is infringing your Intellectual Property (IP) rights.
  • Active details of contact — email address, telephone number, Address etc. Please keep in mind that we will prefer Email address over other means in most of the cases.
  • A statement by you, that the information provided by you is accurate.
  • In the scenario where you are acting on behalf of an owner of the copyright, you should include your name along with a digital or physical signature.

Transaction Terms

  • In case you want to make a transaction on the official website of Compylo, you are bound to pay for that transaction.
  • You are expected to pay close attention to the details of your payment like total bill, taxes, shipping costs, discount coupons or any other charges.
  • You may purchase certain products requiring additional Terms and Conditions and you are expected to agree to them before or during the transaction.
  • In a situation where you need an invoice of the purchased order, you can request our Help and Support Team for the same.
  • Once a user has completed the course/session and is eligible for a certificate, it will be emailed to the email address provided by the user within 15-30 working days. In case you do not find it within the specified duration, please feel free to reach out to our Help and Support Team for the same.
  • Please not that no additional/different terms contained in any purchase order, document, transmission or other communication will be binding upon Compylo unless agreed to by Compylo in writing.
  • Compylo holds all the rights to modify, change without prior notice and in its sole discretion, to limit the purchase order quantity on any item and to refuse service to anyone.

 (No Subscription Service as of now. In case you have one, please edit below text)

Limit of Liability

You expressly understand and agree that the Company shall not be liable for any incidental, direct, indirect, consequential, special, or exemplary damages, including, damages for loss of data, money, goodwill, or other intangible losses, resulting from all/any of below mentioned points:

  • Activities conducted by any third party or their Products;
  • Unauthorized access to or alteration of your confidential information or data
  • Inability to use the services
  • Any cost related to the procurement of alternate goods or services resulting from any goods, or services purchases or messages received or transactions through/from the Website or in any other way.
  • Any other matter which may relate to the services, content, or Company Products


You agree to indemnify and hold our Company, its parent organization/subsidiaries, affiliates, shareholders, officers, directors, agents, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand (including legal expenses and the expenses of other professionals) made by a third party due to or arising out of your breach of this Terms of Use or the documents incorporated by it through reference, or your violation of the rights of a third party or any other law.

Disclaimer of Pricing

All the prices mentioned/discussed related to different products are kept up to the market standards with best of our knowledge. However, these prices and related offers available on Compylo website or any other portal are subject to change without prior notice.

Although we will do our best to provide most accurate and up-to-date information, there are chances that one/more items available on our website may have an incorrect price. Reasons like technical/human errors, digital images or a misunderstanding between our team(s) and instructors may be considered for such cases. Considering this, Compylo holds all the rights to change prices for all our services, courses, products, offers, or coupon codes. These changes may be a result of instructor/interviewer fee, update in course material, charges by third party providers, market situation, mistakes in advertisements, and similar circumstances. However, you should be able to complete the course by the price paid by you at the time of purchasing the course/product.